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Vision & Mission Statement

To align with our commitment to deliver values to our our esteemed customers we always set to our sales engineer to remember & live our vision and mission statement.

Our Vision:

To be The Number 1 Electrical & Electronic Engineering Products Supplier in Malaysia

Our Mission:

To deliver premium quality products at competitive price and superior services to ensure customer delight.

On top of that, we also maintain our highest business ethics by committed to our values integration benefited to our companies and to

individuals dealing with us.

We aims to be a Preferred Supplier to Our Customers by:


We guarantee premium quality products from internationally renowned brand.


We offer direct business and technical suppport from principals

We make available to all customers an efficient after sales service and customer care

We provide local support for convenience of our customers

We enhance customer’s peace of mind through our comprehensive warranty programs.

We showcasing our product at our retail outlet.


We offer competitive pricing across our product range

We ensure our bidding and tendering are at competitive position

We strive to be a Preferred Partner to Our Principle by:

Business Ethics

We conduct our business professionally in utmost transparent, fairness and integrity.

We always loyal to our principals and seek win-win solution

Ease of Doing Business

We control an efficient supply chain system

We  establish an effective communication channels

We hire and trained our Sales Team to be the best in the market

Financial Strength

We are financially healthy and strong

We honor all financial obligation promptly

We commit to business growth and strengthening our financial position

Market Penetration

We offer market leverage to our principals

We position ourselves well with the customers within our target market segment

We establish our presence where customers are located.