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GW Instek Osciloscope

February 1, 2011 -

GW Instek provides a range of oscilloscope solutions, consisting of four groups including Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, Analog Oscilloscopes, Real Time/Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, and Logic Analyzers.

Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-Series
The frequency bandwidth ranges from a handy 20MHz to the high-end of 250MHz. A 1GSa/s real-time sampling rate and 2,000,000 points of memory depth can sample and hold complete signals in order to preserve accuracy. PC interfaces, such as USB, GPIB, RS-232C, and printer ports, are integrated to satisfy the needs for data transfer and remote control application. USB flash and SD memory cards are also supported.

Analog Oscilloscope GOS-Series
In this digital communication era, the traditional analog oscilloscope continues to play a role in “providing Real-Time waveform information” for testing and measurement. With the frequency ranging from 10MHz to 200MHz, the GOS-Series is the perfect solution when you need to observe an unmodified signal.

Real Time/Digital Storage Oscilloscope GRS-Series
The GRS-Series provides you with both precision analog waveforms and convenient digital data storage. You can stay in between the traditional and modern age as well as between the analog and digital domain to obtain the perfect balance.

Logic Analyzer GLA-Series
As technology has become more digitally oriented, there is an increasing demand for logic analyzers to detect, analyze, and observe digital signals. The GLA-Series has a maximum of 32 channels, 200 MHz internal sampling rate, 32M bits of data memory and advanced trigger settings. It provides engineers and professionals with a device to adequately handle today’s digital system analysis.

GW Oscilloscope Range

Visual Persistence DSO GDS-3000 Series 350 / 250 / 150 2 / 4 5GSa/s with 25k record length
Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-1000A Series 150 / 100 / 60 2 1GS/s with 2Mega record length
Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-1000 Series 100 / 60 / 40 / 25 2 250MS/s with 4k record length
Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-2000 Series 200 / 100 / 60 2 / 4 1GS/s with 25k record length
Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-800 Series 250 / 150 / 100 / 60 2 100MS/s with 125k record length
Handheld Digital Storage Osciloscope GDS-122 20 2 Handheld digital oscilloscope & Multimeter

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