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Supportive Products

1. Engineering Software

Engineering, development and simulation software such as Labview, PCB designed software development, AutoCAD,


Brand  : NI, Ultra Edit, Monta Vista, etc
2. Computers & Peripherals
Computer, computer part and peripherals
Brand  : ACER, HP, DELL, Samsung, Liteon, etc
3. Office Automation
Office equipment such as fax machine, printer, copier, LCD projector, etc

Brand : HP, Canon, Apex, etc

4. Communication & Security Equipment
Walkie talkie, PABX, Keyphone system, etc

Brand : Motorola, NEC, etc
5. Public Address System
Portable PA system, Amplifier, Megaphone, etc
Brand : KEC, Sekaku, etc
6. Others
CCTV & Electronic Message Display, Queue System and others as per requested by customers.